01. Do you charge nomination fees for preferred stylists?

No. You can ask any stylist you wish to work with.

02. Do you need a reservation?

Not necessarily. We are first come first serve basis, however,
we recommend to book us in advance if you are in hurry and
would like us to accommodate you in a timely fashion.

03. Is it okay to visit your salon only for shampoo?

Yes, absolutely. We’d be happy for your visits just for
hair treatments as well. We have a great set of shampoos
and hair treatments.

04. Do you have any on-site services on your Menu?

Our apologies, we don’t offer on-site services at this time.

05. Can we come in just for coffee & internet?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you aren’t here for our services,
out doors are always open.

06. Can we use your salon just to meet up with my friends?

Yes! You & your friends can hang out during our salon hours.


01. What is the best way to tell the hairstyle I want?

You can select your favorite stylings from the
hair catalog we have in our iPad.

02. How often should I get an haircut?

Ideally around 2 months time, and 3 months the latest.
It’d be challenging for us to keep your style in best shape
after 4 months or so.

03. What is Balayage color?

It is the latest French coloring method which gives you soft,
natural and bespoke looks with less noticeable regrowth lines.
With Balayage, we can add depth and radiance to your hairs. 

04. What is Foil color?

We use aluminum foils to add highlights and lowlights from
the root of your hair. It makes your hairstyle look more
dimensional with natural contrast of light and shadow.